Ljetna škola "Mathematical Summer in Paris", 16.-27.7.2018.

The “Mathematical Summer in Paris” summer school aims to bring together fifty young people passionate about mathematics and make them discover some of its many facets. The lectures by famous mathematicians will go from number theory to mathematical biology, from graphs and combinatorics to the mathematics of particle accelerators. There will also be problem solving activities, mathematical games and cultural visits to discover Paris and its area both from the touristic and the scientific perspective.
If you are between 16 and 20 years of age, or between two years before and two years after your high school degree, and if you love mathematics, then apply !

The program will consist of conferences, lectures, problem solving activities, scientific and cultural excursions. You can see more about the program on the web page https://msp.math.ens.fr/

There is a registration fee of about 400 euros to cover food and board. However we have some funds available to help those who could not afford this and also in a few cases to cover travel expenses.

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