Luka Grubišić

Luka Grubišić


Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics,
University of Zagreb
Dr.rer.nat. FU Hagen University, 2005 

Research interest: Operator Theory; Numerical Analysis; Control Theory; Finite Element Approximations for Eigenvalue Problems; Scientific Computing; Knowledge Discovery

Recent publications:

[1] L. Grubišić, A. Grbić, "Discrete perturbation estimates for eigenpairs of Fredholm operator-valued functions", Applied Mathematics and Computation, to appear-available on line, 16 pages, 2015.
[2] L. Grubišić, D. Kressner "On the eigenvalue decay of solutions to operator Lyapunov equations", Systems & Control Letters 73, 42-47, 2014.
[3] L. Grubišić, N. Truhar, S Miodragović "The rotation of eigenspaces of perturbed matrix pairs II", Linear and Multilinear Algebra 62 (8), 1010-1031, 2014.
[4] RE. Bank, L. Grubišić, JS. Ovall "A framework for robust eigenvalue and eigenvector error estimation and Ritz value convergence enhancement", Applied Numerical Mathematics 66, 1-29, 2013.
[5] L. Grubišić, V. Kostrykin, KA. Makarov, K. Veselić, "The tan 2Theta theorem for indefinite quadratic forms", Journal of Spectral Theory 3 (1), 83-100, 2013.

Selected publications:

[1] L. Grubišić and K. Veselić „On weakly formulated Sylvester equations and     applications“ Integral Equations and Operator Theory,  58  (2007), 175 – 204 
[2] L. Grubišić „On eigenvalue and eigenvector estimates for nonnegative definite operators“ SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications,  28 (2006), 1097 – 1125 
[3]  L. Grubišić and J. S. Ovall „On estimators for eigenvalue/eigenvector approximations“, 2007, submitted to Mathematics of Computation, MPI MIS Leipzig Preprint Nr. 18/2007 
[4] L. Grubišić, N. Limić and V. Valković „On Simulations of Random Fields on Bounded Domains“  Proceedings of the Conference on Applied mathematics and computation (Dubrovnik, 1999), Univ. Zagreb Dep. Math., Zagreb, 2001., 233 – 243 
[5] L. Grubišić  Ritz value estimates and applications in Mathematical Physics  published by - Verlag im Internet GmbH; ISBN: 3-89825-998-6 

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