Neven Elezović

Neven Elezović

Professor, Department of Applied mathematics, Faculty of
Electrical engineering, University of Zagreb
PhD University of Zagreb 1985 

Research interest: Functional analysis, probability theory, classical analysis 

Recent publications: 

[1]  N. Elezović, Lj. Marangunić, J. Pečarić, Unified treatment of complemented Shwarz and Gruss inequalities in inner product spaces, Mathematical inequalities & Applications, 8, 2 (2005), 223-231
[2]  R. Agarwal, N. Elezović, J. Pečarić, On some inequalities for beta and gamma functions via some classical inequalitiesArchives in Inequalities, 2005:5 (2005), 593-613 
[3]  N. Elezović, Vesna Županović, Darko Žubrinić, Box dimension of trajectories of some discrete dynamical systemsChaos, Solitions & Fractals 34 (2007) 244-252 
[4]  N. Elezović, Lj. Marangunić, J. Pečarić, Some improvements on Gruss type inequalityJ. Math. Inequal., 1, 3 (2007) 425-436  
[5]  N. Elezović, Ž. Tomovski, Fractional derivative and formal power seriesInt. J. Pure Appl. Math. (to appear) 

Selected publications:

[1] N. Elezović,  Radonification problem for cylindrical measures on tensor products of Banach spacesPubl. RIMS, Kyoto Univ, 22, 2 (1986), 329-344             
[2] N. Elezović,  Cylindrical measures on tensor products of Banach spaces and random linear operatorsManuscripta Math., 60 (1988), 1-20    
[3]  N. Elezović,  p-summing operators defined on tensor products of Banach spaces,  Glasnik matematički, 24 (44) (1989), 327-338
[4]  N. Elezović, A. Mikelić,  On the stochastic Cahn-Hilliard equationNonlinear Analysis, Theory, Methods & Applications, 16, 12 (1991), 1169-1200
[5]  N. Elezović, C. Giordano, J. Pečarić,  The best bounds in Gautschi's inequalityMath. Inequal. Appl.,  3 (2000), 239-252

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