Seminar za matematičku logiku i osnove matematike i Seminar za teorijsko računarstvo

PMF Matematički odsjek
Ponedjeljak, 17 Lipanj, 2019 - 17:00

Na Seminaru za matematičku logiku i osnove matematike i Seminaru za teorijsko računarstvo, u ponedjeljak 17. lipnja 2019. u 17 sati, u predavaonici 105, PMF-MO, Vivek Nigam (Federal University of Paraíba, João Pessoa, Brazil; fortiss An-Institut Technische Universität München) će održati predavanje

Symbolic Timed Trace Equivalence
(joint work with Carolyn Talcott and Abraao Aires Urquiza)
Abstract: Intruders can infer properties of a system by measuring the time it takes for the system to respond to some request of a given protocol, that is, by exploiting time side channels. These properties may help intruders distinguish whether a system is a honeypot or concrete system helping them avoid defense mechanisms, or track a user among others violating his privacy. Observational and trace equivalence are technical machineries used for verifying whether two systems are distinguishable. Automating the check for trace equivalence suffers the state-space explosion problem. Symbolic verification is used to mitigate this problem allowing for the verification of relatively large systems. This paper introduces a novel definition of timed trace equivalence based on symbolic time constraints. Protocol verification problems can then be reduced to problems solvable by off-the-shelf SMT solvers. We implemented such machinery in Maude and carry out a number of experiments demonstrating the feasibility of our approach.
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